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Outsourcing can be a tricky process and the BCGVA is here to support you in streaminlining how to ensure you choose the right VA with the skillsets you are looking for.

Some tasks to outsource: 

  • General/Clerical duties
  • Online business management
  • Transcription and captions on social media posts
  • Data entry
  • IT Support
  • Social media management
  • SEO optimization
  • Scheduling and coordinating
  • Content creation
  • Manage communications
  • Website maintenance
  • Meeting/Virtual event production

and more….

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2. Review RFP expectation waiver that will  be provided after you have submitted your job.

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The outsourcing industry is now worth over $105 billion

VIA Bryan Grey Blog

A new way of accessing borderless opportunities!

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A paradigm shift.

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