1 .Who can join the BCGVA?

Aspiring VA’s, VA’s expanding their business and clients who wish to post jobs to our members.

2. What countries does the BCGVA serve?

3. Who is the main contact for partnerships and new memberships?

4. What kinds of tools can I expect to use if I become a member?

5. Is the BCGVA an employment agency?

6. Does the BCGVA guarantee job placement by having a membership?

7. Does the BCGVA provide resources and support to it's membersonce they have accepted an RFP?

8. Can I upgrade my membership?

9. I do not live in Canada, how can I make a payment for my membership?


Our Director of operations for the BCGVA is Adanna Jones and she can be reached at Our membership is led by Anisha Roy-Saunders and she can be reached at


Canada, UK, Africa and Caribbean countries, with access to VA talent all over the world!


The BCGVA offers mentorship, a library of tutorials, monthly newsletters and virtual tea chats with senior VA’s. With our many tools and constant growth opportunities, our members will thrive and build their VA business to access the many borderless economic opportunities.


No, the BCGVA provides remote opportunities for VA’s to work with employers and business from across the world. The BCGVA is not responsible for any job placement opportunities from country to country, however we provide resources for each VA member to connect with business owners who reequire support for their business.



No, the BCGVA does not guarantee job placement in Canada or any other country, whether remotely or physically. Additonally, we do not offer any support with immigration to Canada. 



The BCGVA provides support to it’s members, however the BCGVA is not responsible for any activities conducted by the client or VA once the contract has been signed. After a contract is accepted through the BCGVA, you are responsible for acceptance and completion of contracts and an individual or business. 


Yes, you can upgrade your membership at any time.


The BCGVA provides payment by credit card and Visa/Mastercard debit card options. If you would like to pay through your bank account, we also offer payment through paypal. Connect with us at if you have any additional questions about payment.

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Members have access to resources, education and mentorship.

77% of workers who are offered remote working says it improves their productivity

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Step in into the new virtual office space - Black virtual leaders creating a new way of economic growth!

A paradigm shift.

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