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Congratulations to you, as you have taken the first step in creating the ideal VA career and connecting yourself with a community of strong Black virtual leaders!

The BCGVA is the only online membership platform in Canada, that focuses on providing mentorship and resources to Black-Canadian virtual assistants and virtual business leaders from across the world.

Our organization focuses on the gaps that are apparent for virtual assistants that require resources and access tools with strong mentorship to get started as a VA or continue to scale their business goals in their current VA businesses.

The BCGVA’s mandate is to create a remote and solid community and build an active base of mentorship and resources that are accessible to new and established virtual assistants.

VA’s from across the world will have access to our platform and the virtual Black-Canadian business leaders mentorship opportunities is sure to benefit  our members!

Take a look around our site and most importantly, check out our membership options and choose the best package for your VA business or get started with our VA business access tools.

You get in life what you have the courage to ask for


Dear BCGVA Members & Supporters,

We have awesome news!

In the next few months we will be launching our sister organization that will be focusing on the Caribbean and the UK and providing some amazing resources and support to the world wide VA community.

As we are aware that not all of our members are located in one geographical area, we will be opening up membership to other parts of the world and would like to be aware of what the needs are in those areas. We have created a research questionnaire for your participation as we would love to hear your feedback. The importance of these questions rely on the the fact that outsourcing in the digital world is a growing need these days and providing the best tools and opportunities are priorities for the BCGVA.

Please click the questionnaire banner below to participate and if you have any questions please connect with us via email.

Are you a new Virtual Assistant?

The virtual assistant industry is worth over $100B.

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Becoming a new virtual assistant and getting started is no easy venture. That is why the Black Canadian Guild of Virtual Assistants exists for Black-led and minority based virtual assistants across Canada and now accessible to the rest of the world.

Part of your new journey includes requiring access to tools, resources and mentorship  and the BCGVA stands right beside you during your virtual pivot.

There are millions of websites, graphics and video tutorials to follow online, however the BCGVA has your back with  tools you need on your VA journey. Being a person of color or a visible minority proves to have its challenges in any workplace. In solidarity with confronting these challenges, the BCGVA intends to contribute to the positive work environment experience by innovating a virtual pivot and creating a virtual office & community.   

Go ahead and click on our free 5-Area Assessment download image in creating your VA business to get started!

Let’s be honest, at the beginning of the pandemic most of the world was unsure of what it would look like in terms of how business would be conducted going forward inclusive of the state of employment. Giving up was not an option and Virtually Noire was ​subsequently launched in July 2​020 post the pandemic announcement.

With employment rates declining and with the economy in a state of uncertainty as to when things may go back to normal, many business owners had an opportunity to pivot in the new wave of the virtual realm.

Let’s Talk Virtual is a complete step-by-step guide in arriving at a successful approach in progressing towards a virtual business. It is both accessible and flexible to your clients and provides a peace of mind for you as a business owner. Written by Virtual​ly Noire Director, Sasha Rodriguez, the experiences and expertise in resources and project management shine through in this well-crafted e-book. This e-book is on sale and includes a FREE downloadable workbook. 
If you are a new business owner or a brick–and-mortar business pivoting towards a change in the way you conduct your operations into the virtual world, this book is for you! 

Making the choice of hiring a virtual assistant, choosing the right cloud software for your client information, digital marketing and so much more can be overwhelming. Let’s Talk Virtual is an inclusive guide, with considerations to be made from software, operations and hiring the right remote staff, while simultaneously successfully making the virtual pivot.
Pivot and go!

Are you looking for a Virtual Assistant?

We are changing the way virtual offices operate!

The BCGVA membership provides access to some of the worlds most elite Black/BIPOC virtual assistants with various skillsets that are required by business owners. 

The new wave of remote support is thriving and you have the opportunity to hire a VA with the particular skillsets you are looking for, with the accountability of elite executive support advocated by the BCGVA. The VA’s in our membership accept shot-term and long-term contracts, however 

Hiring a VA can be a tricky process and we have streamlined the process for you as the employer to vet your VA in the most efficient way possible.

Are you ready to submit a proposal?

Download our RFP form below and submit your VA job by emailing  and our team will connect with you on the next steps and guidlines in providing your RFP to our members. 

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Virtual assistants can save up to 78% on operating costs annually.

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