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Regular Hours (Monday ­ Friday 10:00 am – 3:30 pm.) - $35.00 to $40.00 per hour

After/Prior to Regular Hours service is provided by prior arrangement .

Weekend Service is­ available by prior arrangement.

NOTE:   Rush/after regular hours and weekend support provide on an ‘as soon as possible’ turnaround time, and are subject to a 15% increase in rates Pay­-as-­you-­go/by the hour clients are billed in 6 minute increments, with a minimum rate of 2 hours to be invoiced.



Retainer Plan rates are based on “Regular Hours” of operation and are pre-­paid at the beginning of each month.   

Work performed outside regular hours is subject to a 15% increase in rates.

    • Bronze Plan - 10 hours - 5% Discount
    • Silver Plan  - 20 hours - 7% Discount
    • Gold Plan - 40 hours - 10% Discount

Discount is based on hourly rate quoted.   Monthly hours in excess of plan’s allotted hours are charged at ‘Plan’s Hourly Rate’ amount.

All Retainer Plans are billed in 6 minute increments, with a minimum 3 hour charge.   Unused hours do not carry forward to the next month, nor are they refundable.

Where a client requires on­-site support, travel time and KM charges are in addition to the hourly rates listed above.  



Turnaround Time                                             Basic Document                                       Legal or Technical Document

Standard (more than 3 days)                        $0.20 per word                                         $0.30 per word

Quick (within 72 hours)                                  $0.25 per word                                         $0.37 per word[1]

Next Day (within 24 hours)                            $0.40 per word                                        $0.55 per word

RUSH (within 8 hours)                                     $0.50 per word                                         $0.70 per word



Project Rates are available.  We would be happy to discuss your company’s needs.  Please provide us with several dates and times when you can best be reached to discuss the specifics of your project.



Any expense incurred specific to a client’s task (ie, copying, postage, courier, letterhead, stationery, long distance costs, 'non day­-to-­day' office supplies*) are billed back to the client. Everyday office supplies* and equipment are our responsibility and expense and are, therefore, not billed to the client. In addition to the regular hourly rates quoted, clients requiring on­-site support will be required to pay travel time (both directions), charges for KMs travelled (billed at $0.60/KM), and parking fees (where free parking is not available).

* 'everyday office supply' designation is at the discretion of the VA. 



All retainer rate plans are billed in 6 minute increments, with a minimum billing of 5 hrs/month.

All virtual reception services are billed with a minimum charge of 2 hours per day.  

The minimum retainer plan available for purchase by clients seeking only virtual reception services is the Gold Plan, at 20hrs/month.  

Charges incurred after the 2 hour per day minimum are billed in 6 minute increments.  

All pay-­as-­you-­go/hourly rate tasks are billed in 6 minute increments, with a minimum 2 hour charge.

All rates are in Canadian dollars, plus HST, plus incidental/disbursement charges. 


[1]  Translation (excluding transcription) example:  A 400 word legal document, with a ‘quick' turnaround time, would cost $148.00 to translate, including proofreading.


NOTE TO POTENTIAL CLIENTS:  Contacting our office via email does not mean that our company has been retained by you, or is agreeing to same in the future.  No business relationship is formed unless and until our company agrees to act for you, and that any such agreement will be confirmed in a retainer agreement or retainer letter, in accordance with our usual policies.  Unless you are an existing client, no information provided to us via email will be considered confidential and, accordingly, no personal and/or confidential information should be sent without prior agreement.